4D Job Wallet

Collect your license key

The license will allow you to use 4D Job Wallet unrestricted with the 4D serial number you specify below.

Submit your 4D serial number

(Must be as on your order - your license will be sent to this address)
This is the order number on your emailed purchase receipt from the BusinessKube ® store.
You can get 4D Job Wallet to auto-complete this field by clicking the Step 2. Collect License Key... button in the demo screen. Alternatively, choose Update License... from the 4D Job Wallet menu. See the licensing guide for more information.
(Only needed for multi-line orders. To specify which order line the license is for, enter the item SKU number on your order with or without the leading hash or click the quicklink on the product line in your acknowledgement email).
Activate this option if you lost your license key and want to have it re-sent.

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