BusinessKube ® Books Server is in beta.

  • A Fresh Approach

    We've come a long way since the era of punched cards yet still live with adverse aspects of their legacy in many accounting procedures. BusinessKube Books liberates productivity while doing justice to classical rigour using modern techniques.

  • Proven Pedigree

    The BusinessKube project was commenced in 2008 but its legacy goes all the way back to 1990. It embodies 2 decades of experience in the financial, commercial and analytical software sectors.

  • Regional Compliance

    BusinessKube server provides simultaneous multi-regional support with workstation level localisation. A modern, true multi-currency ledger supports double entry treatment for all currencies in a symmetric model as opposed to traditional single entry methods. Sales tax rules embrace best in class approaches to a variety of regulatory demands while realtime currency translation is standard for all top level financial reports.

  • A Ubiquitous Prescence

    Choice of locally or cloud hosted server environments plus cross/mixed platform support.

  • A Secure Partner

    With a 3-year beta programme behind it and a granular security model that can fit every end user like a glove, BusinessKube productivity tools keep the “information” in the foreground and the "technology" in the background.

  • Sector Specific

    BusinessKube is built from the ground up around design priorities which support market sector growth and scaleable development.

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